Ewa Matuszewski discussed the genesis of its back-to-work toolkit and how it is impacting physician offices and other businesses as they navigate government mandates and safety

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Rochester, Mich. – August 26, 2020 –Ewa Matuszewski, CEO of MedNetOne Health Solutions (MedNetOne), joined Automation Alley Vice President Cynthia Hutchison on a recent episode of Automation Alley’s New Normal livestream series for a one-on-one discussion about the health care management organization’s creation of a comprehensive back-to-work playbook and how it is being used to guide small businesses through the return-to-work process.

MedNetOne, which offers infrastructure, clinical and technology services to nearly 1,000 private practice physicians and other independent care providers including behavioral health specialists, developed a COVID-19 response team to take a proactive approach to meeting the needs of its members and their patients. The result was a toolkit which includes a back-to-work playbook and best practices training video that provides regulatory guidance and maps out steps to safe office re-openings.

In Automation Alley’s livestream series, Matuszewski addressed the following questions:

  • Why is it so important for organizations to have a return-to-work playbook?
  • What makes MedNetOne’s playbook different and unique from other available materials on the topic?
  • What are some of the most critical reopening recommendations that need to take place?
  • How is the playbook being used today – and can it be adapted to larger organizations and schools?
  • What can we do locally to help fight the spread of COVID-19 together?
  • How can I get a copy? Is it being updated?

“The back-to-work toolkit offers the basics without the additional information one would consider to be background noise,” Matuszewski said. “One of the most crucial parts of the playbook is the final checklist, which helps assess the readiness of organizations to re-open.”

As companies began to recover from COVID-19, Automation Alley launched The New Normal: Leveraging COVID-19 Mitigation Strategies to Build Future Innovation to lead the conversation about what’s in store for manufacturing and other businesses post-pandemic.  To watch Matuszewski’s interview in its entirety, go to Episode 13: Why You Need a Return-to-Work Playbook.

About MedNetOne Health Solutions

Based in Rochester, Mich., MedNetOne Health Solutions is a leader in advancing the development and implementation of the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) and advanced primary care. Its physician/provider members are focused on fully integrated, population-based, patient-centric practices that enhance patient outcomes and meet government healthcare reform mandates. Learn more here.