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Rochester, Mich. ––May 12, 2017 ––Doolin Haddad Advanced Dentistry, a Rochester, Mich., dental practice focusing on cosmetic, implant and restorative dentistry, is seeing more smile makeovers on the to-do list of brides, grooms, and even men and women looking for an edge in finding business success in their professional careers.

Dr. Jeff Haddad recently did a smile makeover for a bride and groom, David and Erica Deller.

“After our engagement pictures, and four months before our wedding, my fiancé David and I visited with Dr. Haddad,” Erica said. “I knew I wanted a smile makeover so I would really feel my best on my wedding day. As David listened to Dr. Haddad explain the process to me, he decided to have a smile makeover as well.”

David’s teeth weren’t crooked, but they were small and seemed out of place for a large guy.

“David actually didn’t smile that much prior to his smile makeover by Dr. Haddad. He felt self-conscious,” Erica explained. “But that’s changed now. When I look at our wedding and Hawaii honeymoon pictures, David has this beautiful, bright smile – and so do I!”

The advanced dentistry practice also has an arrangement with the Rochester-based Royal Park Hotel for teeth whitening packages for bridal parties.

Dr. Haddad believes social media, increased education on the benefits of a healthy smile, wanting to have a business edge, and improved quality of life are key motivators behind the increase in teeth whitening, smile makeovers and restorative dentistry.

“With Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms, it’s getting harder to hide from a less than perfect smile,” Dr. Haddad said. “Plus, patients are better educated consumers now and understand both the confidence factor and quality of life that come with a beautiful, healthy smile and perfectly aligned bite. These are procedures that go beyond a wedding, honeymoon, or other special day and have life-long benefits.”

But when it comes to business, does a smile makeover really increase opportunities for financial and career success?

“We see it all the time.  Several patients have come to us a year after they had their smile rebuilt and tell us it was a record year in their business,” Dr. Kurt Doolin said.  “With renewed confidence and teeth that properly support a person’s face, individuals can look years younger and gain a new sense of confidence which positively impacts how they are received in the workplace.  This can translate into more sales as people interact with others with a new level of engagement and enthusiasm. We have even had patients who have come to us for the sole purpose of having a smile makeover to help them in their profession.”

Dr. Haddad concurs. His personal friend and patient, an attorney in Metro Detroit, sought out a new smile to help him climb the corporate ladder.

“He told me he was always self-conscious of his teeth and his smile and he knew that was holding him back,” Dr. Haddad said.  “After getting the healthy and attractive smile he always wanted, he stopped worrying about not smiling or covering his mouth when he laughed and started to thrive in his profession. His exact words were, ‘“I have so much more confidence now that I no longer have to hide my smile.”’

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