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Attorney offers 5 considerations for those contemplating or going through a divorce

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Birmingham, Mich. – Feb. 20, 2015 – For more than 20 years, attorney Jessica Woll, managing partner of Woll & Woll, P.C., a Michigan-based divorce and family law practice with a niche expertise in complex family law issues, has helped couples through the painful process of divorce. Through her experience, Woll has gained numerous insights about often unanticipated fallout from the divorce process. Woll advises divorcing couples accordingly:

1. The decision to end a marriage will scare a lot of people, for a myriad of reasons, friends and family members included.

“The number one reason, believe it or not, is usually jealously,” Woll said. “Many are jealous that the parties involved have the courage to end a dissatisfying relationship, where they otherwise felt trapped.”

Woll also adds that humans are creatures of habit and do not like change.

“Even though divorce is a couple’s change, it impacts those around them and thus creates change for others,” Woll said. “Divorce will make many people a couple knows uncomfortable.”

2. People want to pick a side.

“It’s human nature; friends and family will typically feel the world makes more sense if there is a ‘right’ party and ‘wrong’ party, who is ultimately responsible for the breakdown of the marriage,” Woll said. “In my experience, there is rarely a clear right or wrong when it comes to a breakup. What is true is that two people are no longer right for each other and should not stay married for the wrong reasons.”

3. Those divorcing will feel wronged along the way from those considered friends.

“Use divorce as an opportunity to weed out the people that are not supportive,” Woll said. “Divorce will truly show who one’s true friends are, no question.”

4. Nobody will understand the complex circumstances that led to the breakdown of the marriage.

“Even the divorcing spouses perception’s regarding the breakdown will differ wildly; it’s just that complicated!” Woll said.

5. The more successful the parties are, the more attention the divorce will get from the general public.

“Small-minded people often get some kind of misguided satisfaction from other people’s hardships,” Woll said. “Insulate, as much as possible, from the naysayers. Do everything to keep the business of the divorce private and by all means keep the case out of court. Instead, use private therapists and mediators to settle any disputes, where possible.”

To counter the fallout, Woll urges couples to make a pact to still treat each other as family when going through this difficult, life-changing transition.

“The parties should have each other’s backs as if they were planning to stay together,” Woll said. “This means cutting out all the third party individuals whose only intent is to take a side or use the tragedy as a piece of gossip. This behavior ultimately hurts not only the divorcing spouses, but their innocent children.”

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