Media Contacts: Barbara Fornasiero, EAFocus Communications,, 248.260.8466; Lucie Fornasiero, EAFocus Communications,, 248.925.6726

Rochester, Mich. – March 11, 2022 – EAFocus Communications, a Rochester-based public relations and communications firm, is pleased to announce that it is now offering project management services for corporate or grant initiatives requiring an organized point person and a strong communications strategy that ensures successful and timely implementation of key projects. EAFocus Principal and Founder Barbara Fornasiero, who made the announcement, explained how a robust background in communications can offer clients a compelling advantage to satisfy their project goals.

“Ultimately, clear communication is the foundation of efficient project management, and it encompasses all aspects of the process–from delegating assignments and executing group coordination to driving accountability efforts,” Fornasiero said. “We call it project management with a communications advantageSM. Having a dedicated project manager who is proficient in prioritizing communications and effectively managing the flow of information with multiple stakeholders is crucial to ensuring the scope, schedule and budget stay on task. With more than 20 years of communications experience under our belt, project management is a natural fit for EAFocus, and we look forward to helping clients achieve their project objectives.”

Project management services at the firm are led by EAFocus Director Lucie Fornasiero, who began her professional career as a project manager with healthcare software giant Epic in Madison, Wisconsin. Interacting with C-suite executives from some of the nation’s largest healthcare systems to coordinate the implementation of Epic software, she earned the Capstone Award, which recognizes the key contributor who went above and beyond to bring a customer to success during an implementation. From Epic, Fornasiero moved to public sector consulting focused on project management before joining EAFocus in May 2021, where she is currently managing the coordination of a federal grant for a healthcare client, along with providing public relations services to several other firm clients.

For more information about how EAFocus can assist in your company’s project management efforts, please contact Barbara Fornasiero at 248.260.8466 or Lucie Fornasiero at 248.925.6726, or visit the website.

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