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Criminal defense attorney will reveal how to become a better courtroom storyteller in his Nov. 13 seminar

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Southfield, Mich. — Oct. 26, 2015 — Neil Rockind, founder of Southfield-based criminal defense law firm, Rockind Law, is scheduled to present a seminar about “Identifying Theme and Theory” on Nov. 13 at the Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan (CDAM) fall conference. The conference takes place at the Park Place Hotel in Traverse City, Mich., Nov. 12–14.

CDAM, which promotes expertise in the area of criminal law, constitutional law and procedure to improve trial and appellate advocacy, asked Rockind to share his expertise on the topic as a result of his 18 years of experience as a defense attorney and four years as a prosecutor.

“Every attorney who goes to trial needs to tell a vivid story to persuade the jury, and the basis of that story is the theory,” Rockind explained. “The theme, on the other hand, is a memorable word or phrase that helps to strengthen the theory. Although distinctly different, the two work hand-in-hand in the process of persuasive litigation,” he said.

In Rockind’s presentation on “Identifying Theme and Theory,” he will:
1. break down the theory of a case and theory of a defense
2. define the theme of the case
3. explain how to effectively distinguish between theme and theory
4. help determine how to evaluate the case, identify the theme and theory, and consider other components that will help benefit the case and the client

“From my years in the courtroom, I know even experienced trial attorneys can occasionally have difficulty distinguishing between the theory and the theme of a case,” Rockind said. “This seminar will draw on my knowledge to help sort out these differences and provide the necessary tools for attorneys to become better storytellers to impact the way a case is perceived by the judge and jury,” he said.

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