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Rochester, Mich. — April 22, 2016 – MedNetOne Health Solutions (MedNetOne), a health care management organization offering infrastructure, clinical and technology services to independent physician practices and other independent care providers, will lead a workshop on the Social Determinants of Health on May 13 at the Michigan Osteopathic Association’s (MOA) 117th annual Spring Scientific Convention. The Convention begins on May 12 and runs through May 15 and will be held in Dearborn.

Social determinants of health may include:

• Economic resources, including access to jobs that provide a living wage
• Safe workplaces and safe neighborhoods
• Quality of schools and availability for advanced education and training
• Clean and safe water, air and food
• Positive support systems through home and family relationships and extended social interactions

Al Juocys, DO, Chief Medical Officer of MedNetOne, said the workshop will consider how social determinants impact patient health.

“The concept of social determinants of health is not new, but is gaining credibility as care teams consider patient realities that enhance or limit one’s ability to achieve optimal health and wellness,” Juocys said. “Physicians, clinical and behavioral health specialists and social workers that comprise a care team are eager to incorporate social determinants of health into a team-based care and treatment approach. They need to understand the complexities first, though.”

Juocys says social determinants of health particularly impact transitions in care, when patients are being transferred, for example, from hospital to home.

“Will patients have access to food, medications and transportation to doctor’s appointments when they return home? Will they be safe? Will they have a family caregiver or should a state-appointed liaison be sought?” Juocys said, adding that these questions are often just the start of social determinants of health considerations in a transition of care situation.

The Social Determinants of Health workshop is the first of several workshops planned by MedNetOne for the MOA. To register for the event or to learn more, visit the Michigan Osteopathic Association website.

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