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Payor programs incentivize chiropractic community to align with physician organizations

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Rochester, Mich. – Jan. 20, 2014 – MedNetOne Health Solutions (MNOHS), a Michigan-based healthcare management organization serving the infrastructure and clinical support needs of private practice physicians and behavior health specialists, is now accepting chiropractors for membership in the organization as it expands to accommodate the growing reach of allied health providers. The announcement was made by MNOHS CEO, Ewa Matuszewski.

“The definition of primary care provider is expanding and chiropractors who adhere to evidence based guidelines and traditional healthcare approaches are encouraged to consider joining MNOHS or another southeast Michigan P.O.,” said Matuszewski. “Membership will provide access to the benefits of patient-centric health plan initiatives such as Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s Value Partnerships, which can help chiropractors provide optimal, evidence-based care to their patients while building up a referral network of physicians.”

To be considered for inclusion as an MNOHS member, chiropractors must meet the following criteria:
• Follow evidence-based guidelines, including Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) measures and Michigan Quality Improvement Consortium (MQIC) guidelines
• Advocate for traditional vaccination protocols
• Have a claims history with a southeast Michigan payor
• Have a referring relationship with a MNOHS physician member

“We are particularly looking for chiropractors who have existing relationships with MNOHS member physicians so that we have a claims history we can review as part of the membership review process,” said Matuszewski.

Considered among the most progressive physician organizations in southeast Michigan, MNOHS began actively recruiting practicing Ph.D. psychologists to join its organization in May 2012 when national health care reform and new programs offered through the state of Michigan urged the incorporation of behavioral health services into primary care.

“Behavioral health had been missing from the primary care equation for too long, yet MNOHS primary care physician members value the specialty knowledge and experience that psychologists offer their patients, so the decision to extend membership was a practical move and the right thing to do,” said Matuszewski. “The chiropractic community also has skills that enhance primary care and this is best accomplished through the support of established physician organizations like MNOHS.”

Chiropractors interested in learning more about joining MedNetOne Health Solutions should contact Ewa Matuszewski at

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