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Rochester, Mich. –March 30, 2018 – Ewa Matuszewski, CEO of MedNetOne Health Solutions (MedNetOne), a health care management organization offering infrastructure, clinical and technology services to more than 800 private practice physicians and other independent care providers including behavioral health specialists, was a featured guest on Comcast Newsmakers, a public affairs platform focused on issues-based conversations with regional and national trailblazers to discuss ideas, assess community challenges and progress, and inspire meaningful action. The video interview with Matuszewski, which was taped on March 22, 2018, can be viewed here.

Matuszewski was selected by Comcast Newsmakers to discuss the efforts of MedNetOne and Oakland University’s School of Health Sciences to jointly present a first of its kind symposium in Michigan focused on the social determinants of health (#SDOH.) Entitled Better Upstream Health, Better Downstream Care, the April 18 event is part of the Oakland University School of Health Sciences 2018 Healthology Symposium series, “where science, practice, and social interests meet” and which provides a culminating focus for faculty, students and community partners to celebrate impactful research and scholarship that affect health outcomes. The event features national leaders Rishi Manchanda, MD, MPH and Paul Grundy, MD, MPH and local influencers including Herb Smitherman, MD, MPH and Marianne Udow-Phillips, MHA.

The social determinants of health may include:

  • Economic resources, including access to jobs that provide a living wage
  • Safe workplaces and safe neighborhoods
  • Quality of schools and availability for advanced education and training
  • Clean and safe water, air and food
  • Positive support systems through home and family relationships and extended social interactions

Better Upstream Health for Better Downstream Care is an important event – but not only for those directly involved with providing healthcare and administering healthcare programs or organizations,” Matuszewski said. “It’s planned as a community event to engage the healthcare community, legislators, local and state leaders, business decision makers and concerned citizens who want to be part of the solution for holistic healthcare that addresses the role that #SDOH play in overall health and wellness.”

Highlighting the event, and coming to Michigan for the first time, is Rishi Manchanda, MD, a physician and public health innovator who offers that zip codes may matter more than genetic codes in determining one’s health and wellness. Dr. Manchanda, president and founder of Health Begins, has worked in South Central Los Angeles and advocates for incorporating. Better Upstream Health for Better Downstream Care runs from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Wednesday, April 18 and will be held in the Human Health Building on the campus of Oakland University. There is also a related free community event the evening of April 17. To register or to learn more, visit

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