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Surprise: lack of interest in an intimate relationship is at the bottom of the list

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Southfield, Mich. – Oct. 14, 2013 – Jessica Woll, Managing Partner of Woll & Woll, P.C., a Divorce and Family Law practice in Southfield, offers key signs that could mean a spouse is not being faithful. Surprisingly, a lack of interest in an intimate relationship is at the bottom of the list.

“As a divorce attorney, many of my cases involve infidelity so I have learned to identify patterns of behavior displayed by cheating spouses that go beyond intimacy,” said Woll.

According to Woll, if a spouse seems preoccupied, but curiously happy at the same time, even catching the spouse staring into space and smiling for no apparent reason, these can be signs of infidelity.

“If a spouse carries his/her cellular phone with them at all times and freaks out when the other casually picks up their device to make a quick call, or if a spouse adds a pass code to all of his/her electronic devises, those can be signs of being unfaithful,” said Woll.

Other signs of unfaithful behavior include when a “spouse starts a new routine, such as walking the dog every night at the same time or going out several nights per week with friends the other spouse does not know.” Basically, the spouse “begins engaging in weekly activities that takes him/her away from the family on a regular basis,” said Woll.

“In addition, if your spouse begins working out and rapidly loses weight or becomes much more focused on his/her appearance and often more critical of yours, those can be signs of infidelity,” said Woll.

Another sign of a cheating spouse is if he/she purchases new lingerie/undergarments when the last time that occurred was on the couple’s honeymoon.

Woll also stresses that if a spouse starts slipping a new friend, that the other does not know about, into casual conversations and gets defensive when he/she inquires further about this new person, it is possible he/she is being unfaithful.

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