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Expert offers tips on what to do now to prepare for filing in 2014

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Southfield, Mich. – Dec. 17, 2013 – As the New Year approaches, resolutions are not the only changes individuals are looking to make in 2014. Approximately 3,000 couples are expected to file for divorce in January, one of the most popular months for divorce. Jessica Woll, managing partner of Woll & Woll, P.C., a Michigan-based divorce and family law practice with a niche expertise in complex family law issues, addresses January’s filing popularity and provides tips on how to best prepare for filing.

“January is a popular month to file for divorce because individuals like to wait until after the holidays and get ready for a fresh start to the new year,” said Woll. “If counseling and other interventions have been unsuccessful in resolving serious marital issues and dissolution of the marriage is likely, individuals contemplating divorce need to do their homework and arm themselves with as much knowledge about the divorce process as possible.”

If an individual decides to move forward with a divorce filing, Woll advises creating the following to-do list:

• Gather financial information such as bank records, financial net worth statements, tax returns and credit card statements
• Open a separate credit card and/or bank account
• Take care of any pressing medical and dental needs
• Begin counseling if the spouse or a child would benefit by outside, expert emotional guidance
• Gather evidence that might impact the divorce settlement and find a safe place to store the information
• Remove any valuables or other meaningful personal items from the residence if there is concern about them being taken by the spouse
• Obtain a spouse’s driver’s license number and social security number
• If a person is worried about his or her credit score, pull a credit report

Woll also suggests that individuals contemplating divorce set aside money to pay for it.

“Divorce can be expensive. People considering divorce should set aside some money now for an attorney and if necessary, fees for additional experts in advance,” said Woll. “However, if you are unable to set aside money, most attorneys and experts do take credit cards.”

On the emotional side, Woll says don’t take the bait.

“Divorce brings out the worst in people. Divorcing spouses need to assume that everything put in writing, even before the filing, can become a potential exhibit in the divorce case,” said Woll. “Therefore, do not bash a spouse on social media or via text messaging. This kind of behavior will be frowned upon by the judge, especially if minor children are involved.”

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