Companion marketing ROI software tracks campaign expenses and return on investment

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Windsor/Detroit – Oct. 26, 2016 –Douglas Marketing Group’s (DMG) new marketing campaign software is poised to change the way non-profits approach cause marketing and fund development. Kay Douglas, president and founder of the international marketing and communications firm, says DMG’s Big Picture Landscape® marketing software is resonating among healthcare clients with small budgets – and big fundraising goals.

The DMG Big Picture Landscape®, which serves as a marketing brand management software and visual roadmap, allows purchasers to access licensed campaign materials and the user-friendly graphics and editing options built into the software so that organizations can personalize the material with their own name and images without changing the overall design.

“Through the software and the licensing arrangement, we are able to resell a fully developed, highly successful campaign to other health organizations anywhere in North America for a fraction of the cost they would pay for the design and implementation of a new campaign,” Douglas said. “In addition, the DMG companion return on investment software, ROIALLY™, tracks and visually displays statistics for each marketing initiative within the campaign, as well as campaign sales and costs.”

Douglas offers an example of how the Big Picture Landscape® worked for one wildly successful fund development campaign.

In 2012, DMG created the It’s In Your Jeans™ men’s prostate cancer and health awareness campaign for the Windsor Essex Cancer Centre Foundation in Windsor, Ontario. The campaign helped the Centre surpass its fundraising goals by $1.4 million, six months in advance of the target date. (It was the third fund development campaign created by DMG where the client exceeded its goal prior to the deadline.) DMG and the Windsor Essex Cancer Centre entered into an agreement to trademark It’s In Your Jeans™, with the Foundation positioned for proceeds from the licensing. In 2016, with six international It’s In Your Jeans™ creative awards under its belt, DMG has licensed the campaign to a Michigan-based philanthropic concern with a grassroots budget.

Douglas explained the genesis of the It’s In Your Jeans™ campaign.

“Fund marketing campaigns need to touch the head and heart. Jeans were the foundation of the campaign because they are a common element relatable to men and women of all ages and all walks of life,” Douglas said. “It’s a fun yet powerful educational approach to very serious health matters. With continued implementation, It’s In Your Jeans’™ impact on men’s cancer awareness and fundraising has tremendous potential to improve health outcomes beyond borders.”

Douglas continues that DMG is in talks now with an internationally recognized healthcare organization eager to purchase one of its 2016 award-winning public service campaigns and share it globally.

“The ability to purchase software for a turnkey marketing campaign launch that has already proven successful is transformative, not only for fund development and cause marketing but for the agency world,” Douglas said. “DMG already has business relationships on both sides of the border, but with this software, we can expand our global reach.”

To learn more about the marketing brand management software and visual roadmap, DMG Big Picture Landscape® and its companion software, ROIAlly™, the strategic marketing return on investment budget tracker, contact Kay Douglas, kdouglas@experiencedmg.com.


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