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Windsor/Detroit – Sept. 19, 2016 – Douglas Marketing Group (DMG), an international marketing and communications firm with a 25-year history of award-winning creative initiatives, landed in the popular industry trade publication, PR Daily, this month with a blog post by DMG President and Founder Kay Douglas listing 25 reasons the firm made it to 25 years in the business.

“There are no secrets to success, but I subscribe to the following top 5 best practices for running and growing a business – and cite them as key reasons DMG is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2016,” Douglas said.

  1. Establish and communicate your mission and principles early on and stay true to both.
  2. It may be obvious, but be the best at what you do.
  3. Build and nurture lasting relationships: be the company people know, like and trust.
  4. Seek out clients who are progressive in the markets they serve to maximize your firm’s opportunity to align with thought leaders, introduce new marketing concepts and achieve client and firm goals simultaneously.
  5. Love what you do and hire people who will love what they do – passion breeds passion!

Because public relations professionals and journalists love lists, and because it takes lots of bullet points to get to 25 years in business, Douglas added 20 additional tips to recognize DMG’s 25-year milestone. Read the blog, titled 25 Ways PR and Marketing Firms Can Thrive, in its entirety here.

About Douglas Marketing Group

Celebrating a quarter century of providing art- and technology-infused, relationship-based marketing solutions, Douglas Marketing Group (DMG) is the visionary behind the marketing brand management software and visual roadmap, DMG Big Picture Landscape® and its companion software, ROIAlly™, the strategic marketing return on investment budget tracker. With offices in Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Amherstburg & Welland, Ontario, the full-service marketing and communications firm offers international reach and local appeal. Learn more at http://www.experiencedmg.com.