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Detroit/Windsor, Ontario – January 4, 2018 – The one-size-fits-all emoji menu is history as Douglas Marketing Group (DMG), an international marketing and communications firm with a 25-year+ history of award-winning creative initiatives, announces the launch of its customized DMoGees, developed to expand corporate brands for BtoB and BtoC clients in the online and mobile marketplace.

DMoGees, a play on the firm’s DMG nickname, are online accessible emojis that can link into email, website and social media platforms and are designed to extend messaging and create branding tailored specifically for web-based communication. The customized emails, with stylized signatures allowing for multiple touchpoints of messaging and culture, were developed through DMG’s online research and development group.

“The DMG online and programming team continues to research and develop new ways for our clients to reach targeted audiences where they live,” Kay Douglas, DMG founder and president, said. “That’s a critical role for us.”

DMoGees offer a playful, iconic format that allows for memorable and “talked about” presentation, capturing the client’s personality with images that set them apart from competitors. DMoGees engage customers and new business prospects in a fresh and creative way while showing potential hires a sense of the corporate culture they may be joining, giving DMG clients an edge in attracting talent.

“The more you can customize a message for a client, the better able they are to give their constituents a glimpse behind the curtain,” Douglas said.

Below are a sample of DMoGees DMG created for its own use.

The firm is currently working on a DMoGee project with the Canadian Mental Health Association, Windsor-Essex County Branch to provide another level of brand awareness and online connection to the Association’s Sole Focus Project, created by DMG in early 2017. The DMoGees borrow elements from the campaign itself while introducing team members involved in its implementation.

“I was on board with this clever idea right from the start,” said Kim Willis, MA, CFRE, Director of Communications & Mental Health Promotion of the Canadian Mental Health Association, Windsor-Essex County Branch. “‘Emoticonizing’ both the team members and key campaign elements will further expand the Sole Focus message and our organization’s reach in promoting education of mental health issues.”

DMG is also collaborating with their client Cirque du Soleil to create custom DMoGees and avatars in tandem with the launch of Cirque du Soleil’s Crystal performances for Windsor audiences January 3-7, 2018, and Detroit audiences from January 10-14, 2018.

“It was great to have the Windsor team at DMG to apply their innovation to our Cirque du Soleil Crystal characters and transform them into DMoGees and avatars that complements our online communications,” said Julie Desmarais of Cirque du Soleil.

“To be sought after as not only creative experts, but communication experts, it is essential that DMG use technology to create personal touch points for our audiences; touch points that have personality and link back to the message of the brand,” Douglas said. “The speed of change demands continuous research and innovation for us to remain relevant. Our team’s philosophy is to say it out loud and then imagine it real using an innovative blend of creativity and technology.”

Building brand stories in Canada and the U.S. since 1991, DMG’s use of R&D for the creation of communications tools like DMoGees and marketing software such as the DMG Big Picture Landscape® and ROIAlly®, allows clients to create online accessible brand centers positioning them for franchising and licensing opportunities that optimize their marketing return on investment.

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