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Rochester, Mich.—July 6, 2022— With approximately 240 dentists in Rochester (1 for every 54 people) and 125 dentists in neighboring Rochester Hills, Rochester Advanced Dentistry, a four-dentist practice in downtown Rochester, is located in one of Michigan’s most competitive dental markets. Perhaps because of that, owner and dental entrepreneur Jeff Haddad, DDS, has found unique opportunities for growth in the past few years as area dentists take stock of their livelihood post-pandemic.

“Anecdotally, there has been unprecedented movement among dentists in the Rochester area. For example, I personally know several dentists who retired earlier than planned as a result of the pandemic and either sold their practice to another dentist or simply closed-up shop,” Haddad said.

Others too young to retire but worn out by the pandemic and ensuing financial losses chose different options, such as ‘going corporate’ by joining a franchise-type dental business model, joining a Dental Services Organization (DSO) to handle the administrative side of the practice, or merging their office into a larger practice so they can focus solely on dentistry. That was the case with Haddad’s purchase of the practice of Rochester Hills’ solo dentist Matthew Wolfe, DDS, who, along with his team, officially joined Rochester Advanced Dentistry this month. Bogged down by the business aspects of running a practice and acutely aware of the financial risks of being a solo practitioner, Wolfe wanted to get back to pure dentistry, while Haddad continued to thrive on both treating patients and the business aspects of the dental profession.

“My guiding principle is to offer the highest level of expertise for all advanced dental services, and that includes making strategic investments in people, technology, equipment, materials and brick and mortar,” Haddad said. “We want our patients to have an optimal dental experience and outcome, and that’s what keeps my colleagues and me motivated to excel in patient care. The business-side of dentistry serves as my additional passion and motivator. I could not operate in a corporate environment that dictates the type of services and treatment approaches our dentists can offer to our patients.”

The move by solo practitioners to a larger practice was already underway pre-pandemic, with national trends finding that the number of solo practices dropped from 65% in 1999 to 50% in 2019. Other challenges facing dentists post-pandemic include staffing shortages. According to the American Dental Association, less than half of the dental hygienists who left the workforce early in the pandemic returned in 2021.

“For even the most gifted dentists, it’s extremely difficult to be a solo practitioner today. The industry has moved faster in the past 2o years than it has in the past 100 – and if they haven’t already, dental consumers are going to decide that larger, owner-operated dental practices may be a better option for their oral health and overall wellbeing,” Haddad said.

Also, during the pandemic – and in addition to purchasing Dr. Wolfe’s practice, which transacted nearly a year before this month’s official move – Haddad built out a brand new six-operatory space for his Michigan Sleep and Wellness practice in Rochester Hills.  The separate, niche practice focuses on resolving TMJ and sleep disorders, headaches and migraines, vertigo, and other difficult conditions that can benefit from Haddad’s neuromuscular dentistry approach.

In addition to Haddad and Wolfe, Rochester Advanced Dentistry is served by dentists Kurt Doolin and Nina Daws and a team of four dental hygienists plus support personnel. The team works collaboratively to provide full-service dentistry, including cosmetic, implant and restorative dentistry as well as treatment for temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ) and sleep apnea.

About Rochester Advanced Dentistry
Founded in 1990 and now led by dental innovator Jeffrey Haddad, DDS, Rochester Advanced Dentistry delivers the latest advances in dentistry to their patients. The practice, one of the largest private practices in Oakland County, also includes dentists Kurt Doolin, Nina Daws, and Matthew Wolfe. The full-service practice specializes in complex restorative and cosmetic dentistry and treatment of TMJ disorders and sleep apnea, in addition to other advanced dentistry services. To learn more, visit the Rochester Advanced Dentistry website.