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Wednesday before Thanksgiving among busiest bar nights of the year

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Southfield, Mich. — Nov. 20, 2015 — The night before Thanksgiving might not have an official title, but many know the unofficial holiday as one of the busiest bar nights of the year. In his 20+ years as a both a prosecutor and defense attorney, Neil Rockind, founder of Southfield-based criminal defense law firm, Rockind Law, can attest to its popularity – and the danger it poses for revelers.

“It’s a homecoming of sorts for people of all ages, but especially for college students and young adults looking to reconnect with friends and acquaintances from their hometown,” Rockind said. “The festive holiday mood, however, can lead to poor choices when it comes to drinking and driving.”

Rockind urges those out celebrating on Thanksgiving Eve to make the smartest, best choice.

“Don’t take your car,” Rockind says. “The key is not to be put in a position where you have to make a decision. When you have your car, you have to make a decision: ‘Have I had too much to drink or am I legally and mentally fit to safely drive?’”

Rockind supports the designated driver concept if the designated driver commits to not consuming any alcohol; otherwise, he prefers the alternatives.

“While southeast Michigan doesn’t have a consistent, reliable public transportation options like many large metropolitan areas or college campuses, we do have Uber and cabs,” Rockind said. “A designated driver is terrific if he or she is truly committed to not drinking, but with a paid car service, there is no risk of a DUI.”

If an individual is arrested for a DUI, Rockind notes that police will form the bulk of the case based on the words and actions of the driver.

“The police don’t like it, but it is legally acceptable for individuals who are pulled over to avoid incriminating themselves against a crime they may not have committed by politely declining to answer questions or submit to roadside sobriety tests until they are able to have a lawyer present,” Rockind said.

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