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Media Contacts: Dr. Rick Repicky, Interim Superintendent, 248.537.6002; Barbara Fornasiero, EAFocus Communications, 248.260.8466, barbara@eafocus.com

Auburn Hills, Mich.—Sept. 3, 2014—- Avondale School District announces it has scheduled a bond election for Tuesday, November 4, 2014. If approved by voters, there will be no change in the current tax rate.

The six-year, $2.175 million proposal will finance the upgrading of Avondale’s bus fleet. This will save the school district’s general fund about $200,000 per year in bus lease costs. Bond revenue will also be used to provide ongoing support to the bus fleet, replacing buses as they wear out.

The balance of the bond revenue (about $875,000) will be used to repair and upgrade technology equipment and infrastructure, to replace printers and copiers that have reached the end of their useful life and are now obsolete, and to accommodate emergency repairs and upgrades to furnishings and equipment across the school district.

“This proposal will allow the school district to make necessary changes and upgrades without increasing the current tax rate,” said Dr. Rick Repicky, Avondale’s Interim Superintendent.

Board of Education President Sean Johnson believes the bond proposal will benefit students and positively impact the entire school district.

“In addition to providing some relief to the general fund by purchasing buses that are currently leased, the proposal will allow the district to continue transporting students safely and replace buses as they wear out,” Johnson said. “The bond will also assure that our instructional technology and infrastructure are up to date.”

Johnson is confident that “… this is a reasonable bond proposal that will benefit everyone who lives in the school district.”

Repicky said that school officials will work to assure that voters are fully informed about the bond proposal and that their questions are answered.

“We want every member of the community to understand what is being proposed, why it is being proposed, and how it will benefit the community,” Repicky said. “Our goal is to make sure everyone knows what they want to know about this important proposal.”

Presentations about the proposal will be made to community groups, and all projects and information will be posted on the school district’s website (www.avondale.k12.mi.us).

Repicky invites those with questions to contact any school principal. Residents can also call him at 248/537-6002 or send him an email at richard.repicky@avondale.k12.mi.us.

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