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Livonia, Mich. —Dec. 28, 2015 —The American Society of Employers (ASE), one of the nation’s oldest and largest employer associations, has released its 2015 Healthcare Insurance Benefits Survey. The survey, covering Michigan employers, examines the premiums, deductibles and co-pays of employer-sponsored health plans as well as wellness benefit offerings.

Highlights of ASE 2015 Healthcare Insurance Benefits Survey:
• Among non-union firms, the average in-network PPO plan deductibles in standard health plans were $600 for single coverage and $1,200 for family coverage. In consumer-driven health plans (CDHPs), plans that typically combine high-deductible health insurance with tax-advantaged accounts, the average in-network deductible for employee coverage was $1,750 for single coverage and $3,500 for family coverage.
• Among non-union firms, the average employer premium percentage for single coverage was 80% for standard PPO plans and 82% for CDHPs.
• The majority of PPO plans (the more commonly used type of health plan) maintain a three-tiered price structure for prescription drugs. Specifically, 66% of standard PPO plans and 61% of CDHP plans maintain that structure. In those plans, employee costs for prescriptions were as high as $70 for non-preferred brand name drugs. (Note: preferred drugs are brand name drugs listed as approved drugs by the insurance company; non-preferred brand name drugs are not on the insurance company’s approved list/formulary.)
• Nearly half of the employers surveyed offer no wellness benefits. Of those that do, just 35% offer screening services such as biometric or clinical scans.

The ASE 2015 Healthcare Insurance Benefits Survey findings were announced by ASE President and CEO, Mary E. Corrado.

“The cost of healthcare continues to be a substantial investment for employers. However, despite those costs, employers still see the benefits of competitive health plans in the recruitment of talent” Corrado said. “Half of those surveyed indicate that they promote their healthcare benefits to a ‘great extent’ to job applicants. This survey serves as a resource employers can use to ensure they are effectively competing in the marketplace.”

Background information on the ASE 2015 Healthcare Insurance Benefits Survey:
• 202 organizations from across Michigan participated.
• Organizations with 50 to 499 employees nationally made up more than 62% of the survey sample, while organizations with more than 500 employees nationally represented nearly 22% of the sample. The remaining 16% of the sample come from organizations with fewer than 50 employees nationally.
• A variety of industries are represented, with manufacturing or goods producing organizations representing 52% of the survey sample. The remaining 48% are represented by trades and services organizations.

To obtain a copy of ASE’s 2015 Healthcare Insurance Benefits Survey, contact ASE’s Compensation and Benefits Surveys department at or 248.353.4500. This survey is available free of charge to ASE member participants, and is $1,350 for non-members.

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