Crisis Communications

Crisis Communications

Don’t be caught off guard. With an EAFocus crisis communications plan, your company can be crisis-ready.

A cyber-attack, criminal allegations, workplace violence, or a negative social media post gone viral can create a company crisis without warning. Is your company prepared? EAFocus creates crisis communications plans tailored specifically to the scenarios your business may encounter. Let us help you mitigate a crisis situation and guide your company through the phases of a negative incident to ultimately retain or restore your good name.

With a crisis communications plan already in place, company leaders can respond promptly and with confidence to address sudden, negative situations – or assess potential actions to avert or respond to what may be a simmering crisis.

Is it a crisis? Who should respond? Working collaboratively, we develop a detailed crisis communications plan that addresses such issues as what constitutes a crisis, who should speak on behalf of the company in response to the crisis, and how to frame communications appropriately.

If you don’t have a crisis communications plan, but are facing backlash or media scrutiny on a negative situation, EAFocus is also available for consultation and guidance every step of the way until the crisis has passed.


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