SIPI summer IT camps for teens and young adults with disabilities are underway

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Flint, Mich. — July 17, 2017 — Social Impact Philanthropy and Investment (SIPI), a platform for change providing business and operational services to social enterprises and nonprofits, as well as implementation and administration of government programs, is pleased to announce that Robert Stith, SIPI’s Director of IT Services and Instruction, is a recipient of the Excellence in Education award from the Education Foundation for the Flint Community Schools.  In addition to his position at SIPI, Stith serves part-time as a technology specialist at Durant Tuuri Mott Elementary. He was recognized in the awards category of “Putting Students First.” The awards were presented at a ceremony on June 20 at the Flint Farmers Market with more than 200 guests in attendance.

Steve Wolbert, CEO of SIPI, congratulated Stith on the award.

“Robert Stith has a special gift when it comes to getting students engaged in learning, making this award well-deserved,” Wolbert said. “Whether it’s through his work at Durant Tuuri Mott Elementary or through SIPI’s IT training programs, Robert is helping Flint children and young adults develop technology skills that will benefit them both now and in the long-term as workers and lifelong learners.”

At SIPI, Stith leads a variety of technology training programs through state and local partnerships. For example, in partnership with the Disability Network and with Stith serving as the lead instructor, SIPI is offering a free IT summer camp for teens and young adults in Genesee County who have a disability. Designed for those aged 14 through 26, The IT Challenge Camp introduces students to a variety of topics and skills necessary for IT jobs and utilizes a variety of online learning platforms tailored for the skill sets of the individual students, allowing them to stay in their appropriate learning zone.

The first IT Challenge Camp launched June 26-29 and additional sessions are being held July 17 -20 and August 7-10. To learn more or to register, contact or 810.240.9596.

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