2018 index highlights the 100 top companies in the country serving government in unique, innovative and effective ways; Munetrix is one of only three Michigan companies on the list

Media contacts: Barbara Fornasiero, EAFocus Communications, 248.260.8466, barbara@eafocus.com; Bob Kittle, Munetrix, 248.797.1337, bob@munetrix.com

Auburn Hills, Mich. – Jan. 10, 2018 – Munetrix, a public sector solutions provider offering data management, analytics and reporting tools for state and local governments and public school districts, was included on the 2018 GovTech100, an annual index by Government Technology magazine that highlights the top 100 companies in the country serving government in unique, innovative and effective ways. Munetrix has been included on the GovTech100 list since it was introduced in 2016 and is one of only three Michigan-based companies listed for 2018. The announcement of the GovTech100 honor was made by Munetrix President, Bob Kittle.

“Receiving the GovTech100 award for three consecutive years reinforces our commitment to helping municipalities and schools increase productivity and efficiency while planning for the future,” Kittle said. “As government customers across the country gain a deeper understanding of the Munetrix platform capabilities, they are finding additional uses for our technology in budgeting, transparency, complying with legislated mandates, and data management, all while monitoring their municipal wellness.”

A complete list of GovTech100 2018 honorees can be viewed here and in the print version of the January/February 2018 issue of GovTech magazine.

The 2018 GovTech100 recognition follows multiple awards for Munetrix in 2017 and 2016. Most recently, the company was included in the Center for Digital Government’s inaugural Government Experience Awards in the Fall of 2017. Designed to honor U.S. government units that offer citizens more integrated, anticipatory and personalized electronic services, the award included Munetrix in a special category for private sector-created experiences established through government data, APIs and other innovative partnerships.

Specifically, Munetrix was highlighted in the Government Experience Award for its proprietary Emergency Preparedness Manager™ application, which simplifies scheduling, management, reporting and compliance with school Fire, Tornado and Active Shooter safety drills in a relational database that meets all business rules for Michigan Schools under Public Act 12 of 2014.

Separately, Munetrix was announced as one of two approved vendors to provide data analytics and transparency tools to Michigan municipalities in 2017, under Section 936 of the General Government Appropriations. This recognition complements Munetrix’s status as an approved vendor to Michigan Public Schools for the third consecutive year under Public Act 108 of 2017.

“The State of Michigan must be commended for their proactive means of helping local governments navigate through tough economic conditions,” Kittle said. “Although each entity is unique regarding the service they provide, public schools and their municipal counterparts are interconnected in so many ways. When one sneezes, the other catches a cold,” Kittle continued. “Now we can take a holistic approach to helping the ‘community’ rather than one government type or the other. At the end of the day, it’s the same taxpayer they serve, so all stakeholders benefit.”

Kittle suggests Michigan’s unique funding mechanism might help other states realize they do not have to own everything to be effective.

“The private sector can do much of the heavy lifting and make investments associated with new technology that helps all levels of government be more productive. Perhaps this could be a model for others to consider,” Kittle said.

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About Munetrix

Michigan-based Munetrix, among the nation’s largest aggregators of municipal and school district data, promotes municipal wellness and sustainability through its cloud-based data management tools and proprietary performance management applications. In partnering with Munetrix, communities and school districts can manage their data and access cost effective products and advisory services to make meaningful and reliable budgets, financial projections, trend reports and forward-looking decisions. Learn more about your school or community’s Munetrix Score at the Munetrix website.