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Rochester, Mich. – Dec. 15, 2015 – MedNetOne Health Solutions (MNOHS), a health care management organization offering infrastructure, clinical and technology services to independent physician practices and other independent care providers, expressed its opposition today to Michigan House Bill 5126, which would prohibit the state from excluding non-vaccinated students from attending Michigan schools and from imposing stricter rules on vaccinations than are currently allowed.

“Michigan is generally a leader in population-based health care approaches. At a time when organizations like the Gates Foundation are spending millions to immunize children in third world countries, Michigan should not be taking steps backward that put our children at risk,” Ewa Matuszewski, CEO of MedNetOne Health Solutions said.

MNOHS Chief Medical Officer Al Juocys D.O., who also has a family medicine practice in Rochester, affirmed the organization’s opposition.

“This is an issue where Michigan physicians serving children and families need to put a stake in the ground and hold firm on following evidence based guidelines regarding vaccinations,” Dr. Juocys said. “Any legislation easing restrictions on immunizing children increases the potential for harm to our children a broader scale.”

Matuszewski, who also criticizes HB 5126 for its cryptic and confusing language, notes there are also financial considerations for insurers, including the state’s own health insurance program for children, when vaccination adherence is de-emphasized.

“Michigan insurance carriers should be up in arms about this public health concern,” Matuszewski said. “When one child’s lack of immunization potentially impacts a majority of classroom students, health insurers will be forced to pay for additional services delivered to patient populations they have invested their time and money in to keep healthy.”

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