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Southfield, Mich.—May 12, 2022—A. Vince Colella, co-founder of personal injury and civil rights law firm Moss & Colella, was featured in a skills and training webinar presented by Trial Lawyers University on May 10.  The webinar, hosted by Royal Oak personal injury attorney Jon Marko, focused on Colella’s recent dental malpractice case, which involved a three-day jury trial in Macomb County, Michigan, and resulted in a $2.75 million win for the client.

In his webinar, Colella walked attendees through the case and discussed his approach to:

  • Conducting voir dire/selection of jurors, including the use of the juror pre-trial questionnaires and the use of TLU voir dire templates to coax jurors out of their comfort zone and “honestly” answer questions about their opinions, beliefs and experiences that may affect their ability to be fair and impartial
  • Simplifying the case from a medical standpoint to make it easier for the jury to understand what the doctor did wrong
  • Cross examination of the defendant and his “polished” expert
  • Use of emotional and visual imagery in closing to prevent jurors from “overthinking” the case

Colella’s case considered the frightening and life-threatening consequences of an oral surgeon’s malpractice in his failure to properly diagnose a vascular lesion and his subsequent endeavor to remove it from the patient in a negligent fashion. As a result, Colella’s client endured serious trauma from the surgeon, who failed to follow established standard of care guidelines. The jury delivered their verdict in one hour and 15 minutes and never requested a copy of the trial exhibits. Colella asked the jury for $2.63 million, and the jury awarded more than was asked – $2.75 million. The verdict amount is the largest in Macomb County thus far in 2022.

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