Through the years, EAFocus, Inc. has gathered a number of positive comments from clients and reporters. Following are some testimonials that help prospective EAFocus, Inc. clients gain trust and understanding in our ability to coordinate and implement short and long-term public relations and content marketing campaigns successfully and with integrity. If you’d like to know the names of our testimonial sources, call or email and we’ll be happy to provide them.

” … you’re the best out there…”

Editor of a major Detroit business publication

“She’s the best PR rep I’ve worked with and has a great list of attorney sources.”

Editor of large Detroit alternative newspaper

“Thanks for all that you do. You inspire us. You guide us. You make great things happen…”

CEO of a medical organization

“Your dogged determination has been incredible…you are a real pro and the coverage has been nothing short of remarkable…”

Public accounting partner and nationally known accounting profession leader

“Thanks for all of the support you have given to us this past year. You really have done an outstanding job.”

Technology Executive/Business Owner

“You are the best PR person I could imagine, with integrity to match.”

Physician and specialty medical service provider

“You have gotten us so much exposure! Speaking with other dentists at recent meetings confirms that we have greatness (you!) working for us. These guys can’t believe how much exposure we get. As always, thank you, and keep up the good work.”

Leading Southeast Michigan Dentist

“You really are a powerful PR agent. This is really amazing for a small firm in Michigan to get that type of exposure.”

CEO of an international non-profit organization, when learning of EAFocus client quotes in the Wall Street Journal

“You are honestly one of the best PR persons I’ve ever met. You understand deadlines, you have great ideas.”

Detroit Free Press Business Reporter

“You are a great PR person. You always have good ideas and you never waste my time.”

Wall Street Journal Reporter

“I feel that I should give you bylines on your news releases! They are so beautifully done!”

Community Newspaper Editor

“Props to PR specialist Barbara Fornasiero…She’s a go-getter!”

Detroit Free Press reporter

“Wouldn’t know what to do without you!!!! You’re the best … thanks for all you do for us.”

Leading Detroit law firm founder